Middfest Donation Drive

Dear Friends of Mongolia Member or Supporter,

Thank you again for all your continued support for Friends of Mongolia!

We are contacting you today with a special appeal. To support our goal of promoting intercultural understanding between the U.S. and Mongolia, we hope to raise $1,500 in small donations from our members to send a group of Mongolian music and dance students from the Mongolian School of the National Capital Area (MSNCA) in Arlington, Virginia to Middletown, Ohio for the “Middfest 30 Year Retrospective” to be held October 5-6, 2013.

Each year Middletown, Ohio hosts the Middfest International Festival geared around the culture and music of one particular country. In 2008 it was Mongolia, and with your help we raised over $22,000 and sent a dozen students from the Khankhongor School of the Performing Arts in Mongolia, as well as 14 students from the MSNCA, to that festival.

The trip was a great success! The students from both schools enjoyed the hospitality of families in Middletown, made lots of friends, and visited and performed at several local schools and libraries in addition to their performances at the main festival. For this year’s retrospective, the Middfest organizers have invited the MSNCA students from Virginia to come out and perform again. As the school is volunteer-run non-profit organization, Friends of Mongolia would like to support their return trip to Middletown, Ohio.

At Friends of Mongolia we believe in the power of intercultural appreciation and understanding to build strong partnerships and friendships across national boundaries, and create new perspectives on life in other countries.  Through the many intercultural events, concerts, film-screenings, and parties that we have hosted and supported throughout the years, this belief has been reaffirmed again and again. We hope we can count on your generosity at this time to support our goal of sending out students and teachers from the Mongolian School of the National Capital Area to this special Middfest 30 Year Retrospective event October 5-6, 2013.

To make a proposed $35 – $50 donation to support this trip, please visit www.friendsofmongolia.org/donate and make a special donation with the note/comment “Middfest 30 Year Retrospective.

This donation drive has closed.