Featured 2014-2015 Holiday Drive Donors

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far to the 2014-2015 Holiday Drive! We are very fortunate to have your support. Your donations will go towards increasing our scholarship and community grant programs, and improving our community outreach. All our officers and board members are volunteers, so every dollar will go directly to these projects!

THANK YOU especially to our generous donors:

  • Badamsukh Yadamsuren
  • Judy Gates
  • Yuen Huang
  • Mary Craig
  • Hendrik Laverge
  • Brian Goldbeck
  • Kathleen Murray
  • Jean Borkowski
  • Barbara Ann Klein
  • Bryan Pearson
  • Patrick Sommerville
  • Casey Thomas/Caitlin Thomas
  • Ariel Wyckoff
  • Alexandra Cohn
  • Marta Pereyma
  • Patrick Bernal
  • Lara Ho
  • Al and Ann La Porta

Remember, for donations over $50, you receive a free gift and your name will be featured here. Donate today! Every dollar counts!

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