Communications Coordinator

The primary responsibilities of the Communications Coordinator as described in the FOM bylaws are as follows:

The Communications Coordinator shall be responsible for administrative matters of the organization including correspondence with members and public relations.

The Communications Coordinator in practice has two primary roles: to see that communications are produced, and to ensure that FOM has the appropriate communications tools. The Coordinator  can have one or more people assisting with these roles to make a communications team.

The Communication Coordinator’s responsibilities include:

  • Supervise the production and dissemination of information to FOM members and stakeholders about the organization’s activities
  • Produce content for the FOM website, e-mails, and newsletters, as well as editing content provided by officers, board members, and other stakeholders
  • Maintaining the Friends of Mongolia website
  • Managing internal communications; e.g., e-mail accounts and conference calls
  • Putting together the bi-annual FOM newsletter for distribution to all FOM members (published in April and October)
  • Composing update emails for members as needed
  • Conducting public relations and general communication activities with members and the public
  • Guarantee that the organization has the tools to effectively communicate both externally and internally

The Membership Coordinator will work closely with Communications to make sure that distribution lists are accurate.