Friends of Mongolia Officers

We are pleased to introduce the Friends of Mongolia Officers for 2020-2022!

Officers are elected by FOM members and are critical to the smooth day-to-day operations of the organization. They serve without salary and as volunteers throughout their two-year tenure with the exception of the Co-Director of Mongolia who receives a small stipend.

In addition to Officers and Board Members, FOM relies a great deal on the generosity of donors, members, and volunteers. If you’re interested in being a part of FOM, please reach out to with a short introduction of yourself and how you would like to contribute.

William G. Federer
Co-Director, U.S.A.

William G. Federer is an International Education and Development expert with strong ties to Mongolia. William has a BA in Communications and MA in International Education from The George Washington University, and spent nearly 5 years in Mongolia with World Vision as Education & Organizational Development Consultant, and Advocacy Manager between 2013-2019. William also worked at UNESCO Bangkok Asia-Pacific Regional Office Education Policy and Reform Team, was Director of Mango Tree’s Northern Uganda Literacy Program, served as Basic Education Specialist World Vision Global Center, and currently consults for various education non-profits. William’s wife is Mongolian, together they have 2 children and share a love for the Mongolian people and culture.


Oyungerel Munkhbat
Administration Officer

Ms. Oyungerel Munkhbat is the Project and Partnership Manager at the Mongolian Sustainable Finance Association (MSFA). Since taking up her role, she has worked closely with financial institutions, policy makers, and international development and donor organizations in fostering the sustainable and green finance development in Mongolia. Oyungerel played one of the key roles in developing the Green Taxonomy of Mongolia and is currently responsible for multiple ongoing projects at MSFA, such as the Mongolian Green Finance Corporation establishment and Piloting of Energy Efficient Housing Value Chain.

Prior to MSFA, she has worked in the fields of journalism and environmental impact assessment. She holds a BSc Environmental Science from the National University of Mongolia.

Oyungerel is the Deputy Chairperson, Web-Designer, and co-founder of Hobby Alumni, and a co-founder and board member of the Breathe Mongolia NGO.

Undram Nyamaa

Undram was born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and moved to the states in the summer of 1999. She currently works as an administrative specialist for the Department of Planning and Evaluation in Arlington Public Schools in Arlington, VA. Even though she has her own family now in Virginia, she still feels that half of her remains in Mongolia. Every summer, Undram gets excited thinking about Naadam, getting dressed up in her deel, drinking airag and watching the opening ceremony. Every winter she looks forward to Tsagaan Sar where she visits her elders to wish them a long and happy life. She is passionate about helping and supporting her country and people and being a part of the thriving Mongolian culture.


Alice Chang
Communications Officer, U.S.A.

Originally from South Carolina, Alice spent the last ten years of her life living, working, and studying in Hong Kong, China, Philadelphia, and, most recently, Mongolia, where she served as a Peace Corps Health Education Volunteer from 2017-2019 in the city of Erdenet near the Russian border. An avid reader and writer in constant search of a good story, Alice is passionate about exploring the intersection of culture, economic development, and health through grassroots interactions. She currently lives in Washington, D.C. and works in Policy Analysis and Communications at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the Office of Air and Radiation.


Byambabat M.
Public Engagement Officer

Byambabat has had extensive experience in managing programs and projects which include areas of community and volunteer development, as well as capacity building in local non-profit organizations in Mongolia. She has also worked with diversified community groups including elderly populations, people with disabilities, artisanal miners, rural small and medium enterprises, mobile traders, and female-led households. In recent years, her work has focused on youth communities and has a strong passion for youth development.

Friends of Mongolia – Board Members

FOM board members play a valuable role in FOM’s decision-making processes, supporting the functions of the organization, and offering advice and resources to current officers.

Our current active board members are listed below.

Al La PortaFormer Ambassador to Mongolia
Alexandra CohnFormer officer
Patrick SommervilleRPCV, FOM Founder
Lara HoRPCV, FOM Founder
Jennifer DuongRPCV, former officer
Bryant Edward HardenRPCV, former officer
Cai ThomasRPCV, former co-director
Kate BorkowskiRPCV, former co-director
Tselmegtsetseg Tsetsendelgerformer officer
Evan DonnellyRPCV, former officer
Shawn KairisRPCV, former officer
Lauren JavinsRPCV, former co-director
Jenni MyungRPCV, former officer

Interested in helping out? Email and let us know how you would like to be a part of our organization!